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Kim Lindsay

Taking care of my own flowers and visiting gardens brings me the kind of joy I'd love to share with all of my clients. I've always searched for a location that is peaceful, natural and that will have something special in every season. In the years to come, I dream of having my own garden studio where I can invite my clients to play in my ever-changing space. It will be full, wild and perfectly imperfect for photography. Until then, planning sessions in nature with beautiful clean light is where I give my magic. Design also excites me and I think it carries through to my photography. My graphic design background definitely influences my work and most times, I can see beauty even in the most challenging situations. I do love a good challenge!

A few things I've learned over the years is that starting in a studio taught me that I love natural, unposed families that are laughing rather than just smiling. Photographing weddings taught me that seeing beautiful organic florals in a photo gives it magic and playfulness. My dream is to put those two things together to give my clients a fun experience and taking a lovely mixture of lifestyle and posed photos to hopefully capture their family in the most beautiful way.

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photos by my beautiful friend Heather Strack

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photos by my beautiful friend Heather Strack

So I have a little story for you. My family drove across the country from Georgia to California and back a few summers ago. It was something I've always dreamed of doing with our family and we finally made it happen. It was one of our best vacations ever and you better believe I had photo dreams, big ones! Fast forward to a year later and there wasn't a single framed print in my home from our trip. I adored my photos so why did I not take the time to choose my favorites, have them printed and framed for all to see? It was overwhelming!   


Just like you, I know the excitement of seeing my images and having these big design plans but as time goes on, those sweet digital files find their cozy place in a computer file titled Family Session 2023. Let's stop doing that together.  


After finally making my vacation photos a priority, it feels wonderful. So now that I've taken care of my project, let me help you with yours. Let me be your guide to get your beautiful Photography Art on your walls!   


Fun and Fine Art 

Portrait Photographer

Atlanta, Georgia

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