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Collins is One!

April 29, 2016

Happy Day Collins,

I know you have been ONE for more than several weeks now :) but a wonderful part of life is to look back at fun and exciting days in your life! I don't really remember what it's like being ONE but I can imagine it's pretty amazing. Like getting to eat cake with your hands of course, learning to walk, learning to talk, getting lots of kisses from your mom and dad, getting lots of snuggles from your big brother, playing ALL DAY EVERY DAY, tasting new foods, seeing so many exciting things for the first time. I could really go on and on! And as amazing as it is being ONE, there are few secrets I wanted to share with you. I know sometimes you think your mom and dad are just trying to spoil all the fun but I promise, they love you more than anything in the world. They always want to keep you safe, happy and healthy so when they take you down from the highest mountain of pillows you've ever climbed and when they take away your favorite toy (with the pointy edge), when they ask you over and over to eat your dinner (spinach)..... please always know that they love you to the moon and back! Life for them is even more amazing with you in it! Even when you squirm and scream while they are putting you in the car seat or drip that blue popsicle onto your new pink tutu. It doesn't matter what kind of day it is, at the end of everyday your mom and dad ALWAYS love you!! Another tip to remember is that your big brother is paving the way to your happiness. He adores you so much that he has already tried it all! He is testing every idea, every game, every behavior and every reaction. He has been testing your parents since the day he was born so when you feel like you don't know the answer, go to your big brother. He will know! He will know the answer and if you give him your dessert, I'm positive he will share all of his secrets.


Have a wonderful year of adventures being ONE! Be brave and strong and enjoy being little! You will be big before you know it. All of your family and friends adore you and are so excited to see what this year brings!


Happy Birthday!!

Love, Kim    


















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