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Exciting News!

August 24, 2017

It's official! Colby's show Bounze Houze Radio will now air on Delicious Vinyl Radio.

It airs Friday 8/25 at 10pm Est / 7pm Pst. Delicious Vinyl Radio is located at www.dashradio.com/deliciousvinylradio 

So I have a funny story :) Maybe 15 years ago I was shopping with a friend. We were joking around, laughing and talking about our upcoming visit to Six Flags. We hadn't been in years and we thought it would be hilarious to surprise and embarrass our boyfriends with 4 matching t-shirts. We knew they wouldn't go for it so we planned to wear a decoy shirt over ours and have each of them show up separately so when we pulled off our decoy shirt, they would be forced to be matching and adorable with us!! :):):) So anyways, we found these super cool Delicious Vinyl shirts that we though were perfect because both of the fellas were DJ's and what better shirt could we pick than one with a record on it!! Perfect right?!  


So the plan was set, the other couple was on their way and I gave Colby his shirt. He thought it was cool but for some reason he was on to me! I must have a horrible poker face because he knew something was up! He wouldn't wear his shirt! We showed up and 3 of us wore matching Delicious Vinyl and Colby did not! I bet he wishes he wore it now!! 

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