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Emily Horton | Artist

August 25, 2017

Life has a funny way of pausing things for you and sometimes it's much longer than you hope for. It's caused by change and family, friends or work. We all have different reasons but the pause feels the same to everyone. It's a feeling of loss of time. It's ok though :) because most of us come out feeling refreshed, more awake and ready to go! And that's definitely the case for me!!! I have had a busy but VERY wonderful season of life. I've worked hard for the people who needed me, enjoyed my family and I have very few regrets :) But now with this season of life changing, I'm ready to change too!


Today I'm introducing an artist that moves me forward! Emily Horton is so light and airy :) She paints in abstract expressionism and her work is perfect imperfection. I loved watching her as she prepared to work, I loved watching her paint and I loved the thoughtfulness in each piece she painted.   


I have been loving these photos for exactly one year today! Emily of course has had them in her hands for much, much longer but with my life pause :) I have had these beauties waiting for today. Our one year anniversary!! I talked with Emily and as we both realized, a person changes a lot in a year. She said, "I can’t believe it’s been a year since this photoshoot. So much life has happened since these pictures were taken. Not a whole lot of paint on canvas, until this past summer, but sometimes life has a way of changing things up so we can push forward to new heights. I am back in paint again and with much the same gusto, but with a slightly more aware heart. The journey continues. The artist is growing and ever evolving. I welcome my change and let grace and the spectrum of emotions lead the way." 


Emily is a painter located in East Cobb Marietta, Georgia and if you are lucky enough to meet her in person, you will be amazed by her light. Please check out her Etsy Shop!! I know she would love hear from you!



















































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